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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
05 August 2011 @ 12:10 pm
I've moved over to my writing journal permanently, add me over there please :3

aka http://tacoma-trauma.livejournal.com/
Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
15 August 2010 @ 06:44 pm

Where all my fanfics/original story ideas and such will be posted. Head on over and add! :D I'll be putting up a post soon where you can poke me for requests. :3

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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
15 July 2010 @ 01:17 pm
So far the list of people I have in my room..

mekou (Ashley)
stillvisions (Kevin)
13_lucky_charms (Moi)

Hotel: Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore
20 West Baltimore Street
Baltimore MD

-Check in is at 3 PM for the room (maybe if I ask nicely they can get me a room with two beds D;?) , Ash & I's flight arrives around noonish from BWI.
-Check out for Sunday is at Noon.
-I have the room for 3 nights Thursday July 29th - Sunday August 1st

The room price is currently $70 (but if I get two more people it'll be $65)

If anyone else is interested please comment I have space for at least 2 more people (there's a king size bed that I think is up for grabs not sure if Ash and I are taking it or using the inflatable mattress)

Uhhh I think that's about it? :D


ALSO Was wondering if anybody had a cheap wig for sale that would make a good Ciel wig? Or just to borrow I'm only using it for Sunday of Otakon.


http://www.solgoo.com/products_pictures/BB-w-ciel01-s.jpg It's like a dark gray. Like I said I'm only using it for Sunday of Otakon so if I could borrow a wig like it that would work just as fine.

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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
I was wondering if anyone who owns a vehicle in the country of Canada who would be willing to pick me up at Pearson airport at 3 PM Wednesday and drop me off at mekou . I'd definitely would pay for the ride.


I will now go back to watching Rubber Ducky Jr Robert Downey Jr porn interviews/movies. omnomnomnom

I'm typing with one hand cause I'm talking to Ash. Stupid shift key, I can't type with one hand even if my life depended on it.

Will post a serious post later

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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
26 January 2010 @ 03:35 pm
Trying to find song lyrics that'll fit for my LJ. fffffffff
Looking for anything Muse, Cobra Starship, or the Killers related.

Also does anyone know how to find super cool LJ layouts that aren't as retarded as the LJ layout selection? -and does anyone understand the coding and shit behind all that?
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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
22 November 2009 @ 05:43 pm
Have you seen New Moon? If so, how do you think it compared to the book? Was it better or worse than Twilight? Please, no spoilers!

I don't know what a Hollaback girlTwitard is, all I know is I want them dead.
(lulz oh Family Guy <33 )
Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
21 November 2009 @ 02:03 pm
Imagine that you have a time machine. Which deceased musician would you most want to travel back in time to watch perform live?

Nirvana. But I'd also take my parents with me.

Back in the day when we used to live in Washington state when I was a little my dad stood in line for over a day for tickets but then they sold out. My dad was a huge Nirvana fan, and so was my mom. So yep I'd take them with me :3
Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
13 August 2009 @ 10:52 pm
I'm home. Seriously I was going to cry when my parents showed up today to take me away from that Hell hole.

Sorry I'm not gonna use an lj cut because I think people should read ALL of this. (Sorry, I'm tired and stressed and just want to vent)

Okay, well I should start off with my move in on Sunday (August 9th).

We left at 7:30 in the morning seeing as the school is like an hour and a half away from here and it's past Richmond and traffic is always bad around Richmond. We got there around 8:45 and we waited in a fucking 3 HOUR LINE TO GET IN THE FORKING UNIVERSITY. Because of course no one bothered to direct traffic or inform people there is more then one entrance into the damn school. FFFFFF!

So we finally got things unpacked by around 12 and we had things set up at around 2 or so. Had lunch or whatever in the cafeteria when it was empty then my dad and sister left. And that's when I became sorely depressed because holy shit my room was crap, my room mate wasn't speaking to me even after I tried to be friendly and start a conversation with her. Rest of the day was crap, burned myself in the shower because one of the showers only had scalding hot water (mind you the effing residence hall was built in the forking 50's and obviously they haven't updated ANYTHING). The people were starting to get to me, laughing at me as I walked by saying things like "Why's that white girl here?" and "Does she know this is a BLACK school?" and a whole bunch of other shit.

Then of course that night at fucking one in the morning when my roommate came back from who the fuck knows where some band practice or some shit like that she goes to bed and starts to do sit-ups in her bed. SIT-UPS! WHATTHEFUCK. AT ONE IN THE MORNING! And so then I fall asleep because I had to wake up at 7:00 because I had a Math Placement Test at 8:30 that morning. The girl starts to do sit-ups AGAIN at 4:30. *head desk*

Anyways I woke up around 6 because I couldn't go to sleep because of the damn water pipes in the room banging all night. Took the test freaked out because I thought I lost my ID card so I had to retrace my steps and walk everywhere I had been on campus because without it I couldn't get food. So I found it in my small purse back at the dorm *head desk*. Went to get lunch after I had my schedule changed (wtf I still don't think they did it right... >:/ ) Anyways that's when it got bad. That's when I sat alone in the dining hall and everyone stared at me and started to point and talk about me. REALLY? WTF? Why don't you say it to my fucking face? (Well that wish came true later).

After lunch I went to some speech that was mandatory and part of the whole 'Freshmen week' schedule. So this man was a Dean, a professor at this college but has gone touring and stuff with his speeches. Well he was an amazing speaker and brought up many valid points and he did it in a way to keep people interested in what he was saying. Until he singled me out for being the only white girl in the damn assembly. *head desk* He was talking about how some kid barged in his office and threatened to 'pop a cap in his ass' if he didn't let him graduate. And I guess I had this shocked look on my face and then he said 'In case YOU didn't know that means to shoot someone. You know with a gun. Look at her she's taking notes, asking her neighbors what it means' I shit you not, he WENT there. (btw if you want to harass his ass here's his website http://www.docspeaks.com/ )

SO I was completely humiliated in front of EVERYONE. Students, teachers, staff, etc. I was about to just spring up and leave the place but I just sat there in my seat with my hand covering my face because I was about to burst into tears. Because it WASN'T funny. How DARE he single me out that way, NO SHIT SHERLOCK IM WELL AWARE WHAT 'POP A CAP' MEANT. (Too bad he wasn't actually shot because he probably would've deserved it for being such a dick).

After that I went to my dorm and called my dad (not like I haven't been calling him every second about the many other incidents and shit thats been happening). For once in my life neither one of us knew what to do. He told me that I should go to the counseling office. But really what the Hell could they do? THEY'RE ALL BLACK! It's a BLACK university. They'll pat me on my shoulder and send me on my way and tell me 'Ohhh i'm so sorry'. Meanwhile the food was killing me, I was getting sick constantly and I have NEVER gotten sick from eating food. (Like throwing up, nausea, etc) I went to dinner and that's when I really was about to throw a fucking fit.

The GA (graduate assistant) from my residence hall invited me to sit with her, I guess she was being friendly. But I sat with her and the other RAs (resident assistant) when this guy came up to the table while I was eating and said to me "Oh, you know you're very unique here"........ REALLY. And of course he said it with a smart ass tone. I knew I couldn't fucking explode or else I knew I'd have like 25 other black people wailing on my ass. I looked at him and said "If you don't leave this effing table I'm gonna make you eat it" (LULZ ILU WATCHMEN HIGH SCHOOL SERIES. BOTTOMS UP) So obviously he didn't understand my threat because he kept stuttering shit because I couldn't hear a word he said but then the GA and RAs finally understood what he said and told him he better leave before they beat his ass.

That night I told my dad and told him how I felt threatened and very uncomfortable there. My dad wasn't happy but he admitted that he and my mom would pick me up Thursday. Later on when I got home I sneakily read my parents emails back and forth seeing as my mom was still in transit from Afghanistan to here. Aghhhh my dad was so worried for me, for the first time in a LONG time It made me realize that my dad does care about me and aghh I just felt horrible and guilty about wasting all this money on this stupid ass racist college. ;___;

Long story short mom and dad picked my up today with all my shit packed up. Roommate was a crazy bitch she continued to come in at 2 am and she would watch tv eat chef boyardee in her bed and talk on the phone. wtfff rllly? And she left her dirty cereal bowl on the fridge and wrappers everywhere. I took pictures for evidence. My dad and I suspect there was something really fucked up with her.

I guess what makes me upset is that I really wished it could've worked out. I don't understand I have tons of black friends. Tyler and Vantasia who are my two best friends are black. I just thought they'd be more accepting. Oh the irony. Fuck you Virginia State University, fuck you ALLLL.

Yeah so, I'm safe at home and won't go back to school till the winter to take courses at NOVA (Northern Virginia community college). During the fall I'll have my surgery on my liver to remove that legion. Life sounds pretty good right now. Today was my birthday and leaving that rat hole was the best present ever.

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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
I had the worst nightmare ever.

I can't stop thinking about it.

And the one person I need to talk to about it, I can't because it's about them.

I'm so paranoid over this dream but it was just so realistic and it really hurt. Maybe I'lll post about it when I can recover from the shock of it.

5 more days (and not looking forward to it)


(btw links for Facebook plz? I've been addicted lately X_X )
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Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
16 July 2009 @ 12:46 am
So I went to the midnight premiere of Half Blood Prince. I have to put together a seperate post for that later tomorrow when I have my lappy at the con. ANYWAYS, so it was AWESOME to say the least. Though was it me or were their really awkward moments between Dumbledore & Harry? Were they TRYING to make that ship canon? *shudder*

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Baltimore around 2 or 3 PM after I go see HBP again with Vantasia and jailbait boyfriend Josh.

Here's my cell in case anyone wants to meet up - 540-446-8315

Please text me, I have unlimited texting so it's no big deal.


Actually I'm Harry Potter


lD now I need sleep

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