Let's conspire to re-ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive

But I'll never let you go if you promised not to fade away, never fade away...

Court [or the artist formerly known as Court-Knee]
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My name is Court(-ney)
I'm nineteen
I'm a product of 90's grunge music, cigarettes, overpriced coffee chains, and rainy weather
I like cats, fastfood, chocolate, and caffeinated drinks
I'm usually skipping around my house listening to my iPod
.... in my Marvel comics pajama pants and cotton candy colored hat
I'm a huge nerd for anything involving....
Captain America / Iron Man / Harry Potter / Gorillaz / Sherlock Holmes / Robert Downey Jr / Watchmen / Miyazaki Movies
I have a thing for boys kissing boys, not kissing you.
I'm always raging about something stupid
...so it'll be no surprise if one day I just die from giving birth to a rage baby
I'm also very shy so please be gentle with me.


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